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Thursday, March 3, 2016

more versals

by the ineffable nancy hills
another one by nancy hills
another one by nancy hills. one of my all time favorites
one more by nancy hills
this was a very quick rough idea of mine for how you can versal-ize any font that has some heft to it
on this one i was actually trying to do spend some time and make something as lovely as nancy's. it is so much fun to try to match the grand masters. it doesn't matter how close you get. it's not the content, it's the process. like singing in the shower.

by jean. quick and easy. largest copic marker, smaller zig marker for the purple. the white is paint pen and gel pen. and yes, there was a mistake under that stamp on the left. probably one under the A as well. my work looks pretty elementary next to nancy's, but if you have never done versals, you could start with something easy. nancy has spent a lot of time making art and taking workshops. so, there is a reason her work is so spectacular.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


the topic of these contemporary versals came up on the flourish forum, so i decided to post a bunch of them here rather than clog the forum

my work
my work

my work, gel pen and colored pencil

my work, g-tec pen
nancy hills' work

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Flourish No. 5

These caps are all built off a clockwise loop. You may keep it as a spiral (open) curl or you may have it cross over.

The W in the top row is a sad tear-drop shape. I left it in so that you could compare it to the others. Avoid the tear drop shape. It is sad and droopy. Keep all your curls nice a fluffy and round. Think of a big fat cinnamon roll. Yum.

Flourish - No. 4

The next set of letters. These all start with a loop that is made counterclockwise. The loop may be open or overlapped.

There is a second variation called a Spencerian loop because it was inspired by Spencerian. It might be the easiest loop of all. but, you should try all of them and see which ones feel the best to you.

This started as lessons in flourishing, but evolved into a set of caps that have some flourish.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Beginners - Lesson 4 - fitting

This shows how to fit a word or name into a specific amount of space.
Cut the paper to fit the space, allowing a little bit for space between the letters, although, you can overlap if you like. Cut a slightly smaller piece for the I. Then cut your letters. Notice the fun variation on the letter E.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Beginners - Lesson 3 - gift wrapping

Blogspot won't let me write a paragraph to go with this, just a caption. This is a more time consuming way to use cut paper letters. Imagine the letters in Lesson 1 used for a name on a package.

Sunday, January 4, 2015

Beginers - Lesson 2 - cut paper numbers & variations

 Here are some variations that you can try with your cut letters. The word layer was done using a decorative paper punch and scalloped scissors.

This alphabet first appeared in a Better Homes & Gardens magazine called Scrapbooks Etc. The magazine is still around. I was hired to do some "Etc" projects when the magazine first came out. I'll be posting all the different alphabets. None of them were with nibs and ink, but it's not a bad idea to learn how to make some of these kinds of letters because you could use them with your nibs and ink.

For example, you could cut out the first letter of a name and then write the full name with your nibs and ink.

if you have any sticky backed paper, it is much easier than gluing each letter.