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since this is a blog, you have to go to the very bottom and read them in reverse order. eventually, there will be pages across the top where you can read chunks of information in a logical order. this is all free posting, so, maybe that is why it has to appear in reverse order.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

more versals

by the ineffable nancy hills
another one by nancy hills
another one by nancy hills. one of my all time favorites
one more by nancy hills
this was a very quick rough idea of mine for how you can versal-ize any font that has some heft to it
on this one i was actually trying to do spend some time and make something as lovely as nancy's. it is so much fun to try to match the grand masters. it doesn't matter how close you get. it's not the content, it's the process. like singing in the shower.

by jean. quick and easy. largest copic marker, smaller zig marker for the purple. the white is paint pen and gel pen. and yes, there was a mistake under that stamp on the left. probably one under the A as well. my work looks pretty elementary next to nancy's, but if you have never done versals, you could start with something easy. nancy has spent a lot of time making art and taking workshops. so, there is a reason her work is so spectacular.

Wednesday, March 2, 2016


the topic of these contemporary versals came up on the flourish forum, so i decided to post a bunch of them here rather than clog the forum

my work
my work

my work, gel pen and colored pencil

my work, g-tec pen
nancy hills' work