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since this is a blog, you have to go to the very bottom and read them in reverse order. eventually, there will be pages across the top where you can read chunks of information in a logical order. this is all free posting, so, maybe that is why it has to appear in reverse order.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Beginners - Lesson 3 - gift wrapping

Blogspot won't let me write a paragraph to go with this, just a caption. This is a more time consuming way to use cut paper letters. Imagine the letters in Lesson 1 used for a name on a package.


  1. I find that Wordpress also has a mind of it's own and sometimes won't let me add text above a photo. I've learned to outsmart it by dropping my text in FIRST and then the photos. It will allow me to move the text where I want it as long as I STARTED with text rather than a photo.

  2. Got your message on my blog. Hope it works the same way on Blogger as it does on WordPress. I just KNOW I can't put a photo in first and then try to put text in above it.